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Jul 01, 2019 14:35:51

Where to begin with branding

A Common Request
The most common request from startups and established companies alike, is “I need a logo.” A valid request, however, that is usually where the conversation ends. With such a short sighted request, the eventual outcome does not see such a great return. To find the most return on your investment in branding, the place you need to begin, aside from your logo, is the why of your company. 

Then Where Do You Begin?
A good brand designer will take your request and create a logo that is probably pretty stellar. It looks slick, it gives you fresh style and it probably gets you excited about paying for a new logo. However, where that excitement begins, it also ends. Your brand is not only your logo. To have an effective brand, you must think further into why your company exists.

Your brand is ultimately what you offer the market, your product or service. And when you start to put a visual design around your brand, the more you can connect your company’s mission to what clients and customers see, the better impact and success your brand will experience.  

A great brand designer begins each new project figuring out who, why and how a company exists. Questions not only offer insight for a designer to design better, they also allow the company to understand and revisit their own why. It opens the discussion beyond just the perceived needs, a logo, and leads to valuable, actionable design that returns a greater investment than just a logo. 

What to do next?
Keep things simple. A simple message, a single message allows for a closer connection between the concept and the brand. Simplicity leads to consistency. When your brand and visual design are unique, yet simple, the team handling your brand creates a consistent approach. When you are consistent with your brand, it allows for new and creative approaches to your marketing efforts. And when you are creative, you build recognition and loyal customers.



Bart Zehren

Agreed that a Logo "Alone-oh" is a No Go. Adding a slogan or two can help, right? Here's a few of mine: "One & Done", "Before & After", and "Agile But Not Fragile" to complement and substantiate my brand logo that is my business name abbreviated: E-RM (for E-Research for Marketing). How am I doing so far?  Thanks for this good review of branding. 

at Jul 28, 2019 18:11:06