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Jun 17, 2019 13:10:01

Did U know your mind is not yours ?

Who are you, how do you define yourself ? Conventional wisdom says you are the collective sum of your mind, body and soul ! We all know what our body is but I bet you that you can not point where your soul is :) If I invite you to describe what your soul is or where it is in your body or how do you define it...this conversation is going to take a whole new twist and a never ending debate ! Yes this is a conversation and not just me jibber jabbering (so do comment).

So let's focus on the most important part of what makes you "you", your MIND ! As those who know me or follow me, you know that a whole lot of my life revolves around promoting entrepreneurship and helping entrepreneurs get their shit done (ref. - and it has become a second nature to me to find ways to figure out how to improve as an entrepreneur, how to be an effective executioner and how to not get distracted from what I want to achieve.

Now what does all this have to do with MIND you say...well, today I came across one of the episodes of Freakonomics that talked about how to change your mind and something really resonated with me. "Your mind is shared with other people, it exists within a community around you and not in your skull or brain". Doesn't that blow your mind ?????

People are inherently inclined to associate themselves with people with similar ideas or beliefs or experiences. There is a reason why more venture investment just flows in California and New York. There is a reason why Gujaratis or Jews are more prone to do businesses. There is a reason why in France PACS is many times batter than marriage and in Middle East or India you can not have any relationship before marriage. There is a reason why some become religious extremists or some march in the pride parade !!! You are product of your society and that is exactly why it is so import to surround yourself in the environment and in the company of individuals who elevate you and help you where you want to go...that is the primary reason we founded IncBuilders. I would rather hang out with people who have new ideas, who understand your mission in life and who is there to promote you and not to prevent you.

However, remember that each time you learn something from something profound to idiotic, something changes in your brain. Each sensory experience changes wiring in your brain. So surrounding yourself with people who hold different views or opinions or experiences actually helps you understand things better, widens your horizons and makes you overall a better person and an long as it is reciprocal relationship and that they are influencing you in a positive manner and does not make your life miserable, right ? LOL.