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Jan 01, 2020 15:42:04

Analysis Paralysis Or Shoot From The Hip?

"Judgment doesn't walk off the field when research walks on."

A former boss of mine - a most impressive and charismatic businessman - told me that many years ago and I've remembered it ever since. Thanks, Dick, I haven’t forgotten.

It reminds us that, at its best, what market research must do is reveal fresh insights specifically on target to the most pressing strategic marketing issues on the table. Then, that vital and indispensable thing: managerial judgment, can be exercised with more confidence, amid fewer risks and less uncertainty (one hopes, much less uncertainty) than otherwise.

That was during my gig at the “Citi That Never Sleeps” many years ago. Ironically and subsequent to that memorable moment with Dick (and after he had left us), my team was conferring with a Marketing user group some days after we’d presented and discussed results from a market research project for their product. A series of questions followed of these types: “What do we do now?”, “Yeah but…?”, “What else?”, “What about…?”, such that I was invited to propose yet another research project on the matter. I replied we’d just given them fresh, conclusive findings, whereupon I added: “Where’s the ‘D’ in the ‘R’ and ‘D’?”

There is a balance to be found. 



Parind Shah

Nice little nugget Bart...Judgement actually becomes more trustworthy with proper research. 

at May 07, 2019 13:07:08
Bart Zehren

Exactly, and well said, my friend. 

at May 07, 2019 13:26:46