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Dec 19, 2018 19:36:39

Is your business prepared to survive an economic downturn in 2019?

As recent articles suggest (pick your publication) describing the list of indicators that tend to peak before an economic turn showing signs of just that. As we enter the end of 2018 with the holidays upon us, many of us do whatever it takes to get prepared for what surely will be like most, an interesting new year of more unexpected and unprecedented. It's the times we live in.

As a founder or CEO you're charged with staying one step ahead and able to respond thoughtfully. I've found peace of mind through external council, through peers mostly, during this lull before the first of the year. Before the pistol goes off and we're off to the races again. What if you could get a structured framework to set you up for whatever comes in 2019? That's what I found OmniKai and my friend Joseph Imbrano.

Joseph's created several models including a 5-step framework he uses with clients around the world designed to bulletproof their businesses so they can still grow during a turbulent economy. I agreed to promote his free webinar and will be going through the program myself.

And now a word from Joseph...

🚨Attention Entrepreneurs Trying To Live Life On Your Terms! 🚨

Is Your Business Prepared For Scale Even When The Market Is Down?

My 5-step framework has helped clients around the world bulletproof their they can continue to thrive in a bad market.

Imagine how your business - and life! - could transform after learning:

✅ The 1 critical factor every business needs to survive, scale, and thrive

✅ The simple 5-step process to grow into a 7 figure powerhouse

✅ The most important systems and processes to have in place

✅ How to create a pipeline of steady and loyal customers 

This isn't wizardry. It's a proven framework.

The EXACT same framework has helped me grow my businesses...

...and it's helped clients around the world turn their businesses into a revenue-generating machine.

Curious to see how it works?

Click below to access the Free Training!

Free Webinar

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Great article Mitch.

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