What do we have to offer?

Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

We’re your one-stop shop for talent, investment and insights. Our community can help you source highly skilled talent; get insights and services from legal, accounting, marketing professionals and developers; also source the funds you need via VCs, crowdfunding or ICO.

Corporate Innovation

With our "Innovation in a Box” program, transform your organization from a philosophy of "don’t fix if it isn’t broken" to an innovative culture that cultivates, motivates and rewards the individuals who’ll help take the company to the next level.

Dynamic Equity Model

Many early stage businesses fail because partners or collaborators aren’t compensated fairly. To mitigate this risk, we make it easy for startups to compensate contributors with dynamic equity grants . (We use the "Slicing Pie" "Slicing Pie" method to calculate equity — the fairest and most straightforward method.)


Why reinvent the wheel? We want to free you up from repetitive, mundane tasks that most entrepreneurs go through so your mind can focus on innovating. Through collective shared learning, we provide new ventures with legal, technical and process blueprints.

Why IncBuilders?


It’s who you know

IncBuilders is not just another virtual community. We’re a thriving ecosystem of makers, doers, and builders from all walks of life. Join our meetups to brainstorm your idea, perfect your pitch, or just hang out and make a connection!


Venture Collaboration Platform

On a single platform, VCP puts (has) everything entrepreneurs need to launch a startup: from sourcing co-founders and collaborators, to getting expert support setting up your company, to demonstrating your vision to investors.

Think global

Community of communities

Communities, individuals and institutions around the world can collaborate via VCP. Use our existing framework to onboard your community so you don't have to start from scratch and find synergy to work with other groups.


BlockChain or Artificial Intelligence

The IncBuilders team is up to date on the technology industry and eager to share it with participants. We ourselves are developing smart contracts on a distributed ledger that will manage the history of your venture within VCP. We can help you out with anything from Raspberry PI through AI chatbots to launching your Initial Coin Offering!

IncBuilders Team

A project's success depends on its team. Meet the individuals behind the IncBuilders revolution.

Parind Shah

CEO & Co-Founder of IncBuilders and VP of a major US Bank

Ron Smith

CTO and Co-Founder of IncBuilders and VP at a successful Chicago startup

Mitchell Posada

Director of growth at IncBuilders and a venture associate

Peter Schumann

Director of European Operations

Advisors at IncBuilders

"Mike Moyer is the author of eight books, including Slicing Pie: Funding Your Company Without Funds, which covers the dynamic equity model. He is also an adjunct associate professor at the University of Chicago and Northwestern University."
Mike Moyer
Managing Director at Fair and Square Ventures
"A lawyer and author with experience in a variety of industries, Curt Sahakian has written books on legal and business subjects, including: Customer Partnering: An Executive Guide to Key Practices."
Curt Sahakian
Retired Lawyer and partnering expert
"Pinaki Saha co-founded six startups in the consumer Internet space involving video streaming, games and the Internet of Things. UofC MBA alum and mentor at The Founder Institute."
Pinaki Saha
Founder and CEO of Anshar Labs

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IncBuilders: Born in Chicago, reaching around the world.

IncBuilders LLC
Chicago, Illinois, USA 60603

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